In Sept' 2000 I down loaded my first free mp3. I don’t get what all the fuss is about. Sure I didn’t burn it onto a disc - but then, why would I - that would deprive some hard working musicians of earning a living (not that most can make one.) I say, if there are rare and desirable tracks out there, press them commercially. They’ll be just as rare, maybe more so, but there’ll be a buck behind the distribution. So anyway, it’s a bloody revolution and Napster’s the one with blood on its face. But, that’s ok with me. The way I figure, true fans will pay for their music one way or another. The rest of the world will do what they have always done - cheat. I think King’s online publishing venture showed it’s possible to do it on your own terms. So keep on doing it, on your own terms. This year’s CMJ is bound to have been all about the electronic arenas, but there are sure to be a few grass-roots labels kickin[‘ it old school. I’ll find them and report back to you ~ JM

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