CMJ Music Marathon and Film Fest
Here's a few thoughts from Opening Day Oct. 13 2004


Caught the preview of "Team America World Police," followed by a Q&A with Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The film opened Oct. 15 and though woefully politically incorrect, has some screamin’ out loud funny moments. A cinematically pleasing flick using an all marionette cast.

My compliments to CMJ and K-Rock for the free popcorn, swag, and reasonably hassle-free screening process.

Asked about the segment they produced for Michael Moore’s "Bowling for Columbine" they set the record straight. It wasn’t theirs, though it cops their South Park style.

Stone said he was interviewed for the film and that segment was followed by the animation in Moore's montage style, suggesting Stone was connected with the sequence.

More to come in Urban Rag 38 "the year so far in review"


There are perhaps three bands I would put up with Irving Plaza to see. Sonic Youth, which played the opening night party, isn’t one ... though it would have sure brought back memories.

At the Knitting Factory, I caught two acts on the Absolutely Kosher showcase. Sadly both formulaic and disappointing in my jaded state. Pidgeon was as advertised, a delicate female singer ... whom I could hardly hear, and a screamer. I lasted three songs.

More to come in Urban Rag 38